Wobman (Namco Pac-Man Clone)

Wobman is a 2D Pac-Man clone developed using the BlitzPlus games development tool (originally started in DarkBasic). My intention was to make this as close to the original Namco version as possible. The complete version is now available for download including the BlitzPlus source code.

For more information on the development of this game, please check the Pacman Diary page. View the readme file for details on installation and known issues. This readme file is also included in the download.

Platforms: Windows PC

13th Aug, 2003: Wobman (incl. source)

Download Game (775K)


Manic Miner (Latest)

Manic Miner is my attempt at writing a copy of the original game of the same name by Software Projects (circa 1983) and is developed using the DarkBasic games development tool. Note this is not a complete game yet!

For more information on the development of this game, please check the Manic Diary page.

Platforms: Windows PC

20th Feb, 2002: Manic Miner (Stage 6) download (18K)
(Temporarily Unavailable)

M.A.M.E (Multi-Arcade Machine Emulator)
The best place to get the MAME emulator (v0.122 on 14th Jan, 2008) is from the official MAME Website. That way you are always assured of getting the latest version.

The ROMs, which are needed to plug into the emulator to enable you to play the original arcade games, are a little more difficult to come by! It is also illegal to download and use the ROMs unless you own the original arcade board – no, I don’t agree with this bollocks either. A lot of the companies that owned them don’t even exist any more.

These games are very dated and, individually, have little or no commercial value in the modern games market. The games are sometimes marketed in Retro Packs (usually with including 20-30 games on modern PCs and consoles. However, this is an entirely different experience from MAME and I don’t believe it stops people buying them. I myself own several Retro Packs for my Playstation 2.

Anyway, rant over, some games have kindly been made freely available by the original creators and can be downloaded for free from the official MAME Website. A search on the web will generally uncover the location of more MAME ROMs to download – if you own the original arcade board, of course.