Android Apps

I have developed several gaming Apps for Android based phones. A couple independently and quite a few for Elite Systems Ltd.

My Gaming Apps

The Invaders  A Space Invaders clone I created in 2010. This currently doesn’t work on most modern phones, so I’m working on a fix.

Benny’s Adventure A super-hard platform game with dodgy doggy controls I created in 2011.


Games Developed for Elite Systems Ltd

Manic Miner
Jet Set Willy
Skool Daze
Chuckie Egg
Willy’s Great Adventure (a new Miner Willy game)
Bruce Lee
ZX Spectrum: Elite Collection
The Recreated ZX Spectrum

I also developed the Amazon Kindle Fire versions of these Apps.

Unfortunately, none of these Elite Systems Ltd games are available to download from the Play Store or Amazon App Store any more as they decided to withdraw them all. The Recreated ZX Spectrum App was designed to accompany The Recreated Sinclair ZX Spectrum hardware device, but they are currently in a legal dispute over the production of the device. I still have all the source code so at least I can play these games!